Meet the Team

Willie KongaWillie Konga Manager Funds Management

Bachelor's Degree (Business Management)

Four years of experience in Stock broking and Funds management Industry.

Senior Dealer/Advisor - BCAP.

Kina Securities Limited - Advisor/Research

Marie Sourimant

Marie Sourimant
Senior Fixed Portfolio Officer

BSP Capital is pleased to offer clients Marie’s exceptional knowledge of PNG’s fixed income securities markets, acquired after 18 years at the Bank of Papua New Guinea, where she was the Senior Dealer in the Money Market’s unit. Complementing her in-depth knowledge of government securities are formal qualifications in both Banking and Finance and Economics. 


Michelle Koredong
Senior Fixed Interest Dealer

Michelle has a bachelor's degree in Business Management from UPNG. She joined BSP Capital in 2015. Prior to that she held a middle management position in Retail Banking Business Unit as a Rural Regional Manager for 2 years and a strategic client support champion, coordinating the roll-out of  branchless banking agencies and sub-branches in PNG specifically, areas where there were little or no banking services available  in the support to  maximise financial literacy in the rural sector and encouraging the savings culture.

Stock Market News and Updates

  • Friday 30th November 2018

    BSP Capital sells Port Moresby Stock Exchange shareholding in order to comply with PNG's Capital Markets Act, 2015.


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